Press for Into the Ground (out May 28, 2021)

Video Premiere

"Reimagining the beloved parable in a modern, Americana setting, Whitney’s understated arrangement beautifully serves the winder theme. With a light cascade of acoustic finger-picking, a bed of silky strings and a couple layers of Whitney’s vocals, the song rises to an emotional peak as the singer-songwriter repeats the phrase: 'I’m miles and miles from home.'" American Songwriter

Whitney’s new collection of songs lands effortlessly on beds of organic and orchestral—and at times overdriven and rhythmic—production; never coming close to overpowering the songs and the voice singing them.” - Cogito


Video Premiere 

"With her sense-making lyrics and familiar melodies, Whitney powerfully clarifies the meanings in her own nature-soaked life and provides listeners a way through their own internal chaos." 


Beth Whitney to release new album, Into the Ground. ” - TV News Guest

Broadway World

Washington native Beth Whitney dwells in her songs, exploring every note and phrase.” - Herb Longs

The Christian Beat

Indie Round Up: 39 songs to punch you in the brain -  Tinnitist

Beth Whitney takes her orchestral folk music from the soil to the heavens and back again on her new album, Into the Ground”

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With her soft voice and sober arrangements, Beth Whitney invites us to look within ourselves as we search for a common humanity.” - John Van de Mergel

Brothers in Raw

It seems like sometimes life is so obviously good right up close, and other times you have to zoom way way out to remember it’s beauty. -Beth ” - Max Mazonowicz

Campfire Tales (Interview)